T series

One does not have to exclude the other. You simply do not have to choose between the sporty or the comfortable boat. Your boat will give you unforgettable experiences, it is not more difficult than that. Therefore, this is exactly what you get when you choose a boat from the Finnmaster T-series. Here, all models are as stable and comfortable in their driving characteristics as they are easy to use, which means that the perfect sports boat is also the comfortable family boat. All boats in the Finnmaster T-series have a number of innovative solutions. For example, the streamlined hulls, the angled footrest for the steering console or the Finnmaster T7 and the Finnmaster T8’s LED lamps that show the way to endless adventures at sea. The perfect meeting between sport and comfort is especially noticeable as the most comfortable seats on the Finnmaster T7 and Finnmaster T8 are the racing-inspired seats closest to the windscreen. Here you and your family have a full overview, at the same time as the driver can easily maneuver in all kinds of weather. The ruff in the Finnmaster T7 and Finnmaster T8 has a well-designed light entry and high comfort with plenty of space for the whole family.

Sometimes you do not have to compromise. When you want a sporty, but at the same time comfortable boat, you should get it. Therefore, they did not choose anything when they created the pride of the Finnmaster T-series – Finnmaster  T9 . In this unique boat model, you will find all the smart solutions that are Finnmaster’s signature. Here they have simply used only the best materials and not compromised on anything. This versatile day cruiser allows you to go from having a dinner with the whole family to quickly and smoothly transforming the dining area into one of the harbor’s most beautiful sun decks. When the sun goes down, the whole family can spend the night in the large cabin which is equipped with a separate toilet unit.


Lengde 8,10 m
Bredde 2,72 m
Dypgående 0,50 m
Vekt 2200 kg
Motor 250-350 hk
Personer 10 personer
Personer 4
Ce-kategori C
Skrogvinkel 21 grader
Color Hvit
Ønsker Familieturer, Fiske, Høy hastighet, Cruising, Dykking
Utstyr Kjøkken, Toalett, Bad, U-sofa, Navigasjon, Stereo med høyttalere, Bading, Kalesje, Trim-flaps
Alder Ny